Das Unternehmen Auto Jessen GbR - unsere Geschichte.

    Today`s Auto Jessen GbR (company constituted under civil law) in Flensburg, Germany, established in March 1996 by Henning Jessen, was originally thought of as a part time business to finance the studies of the proprietor. It didn`t take very long and it became obvious that the market strategy was working well and the sales volume grew rapidly. Henning Jessen decided to abandon studies and to become a full time car dealer in summer 1997. In December of that same year he opened his first single room office and a small display area in Wees.
    It was in February 2001 when the Auto Jessen company, from now on operating as the Auto Jessen GbR, moved to a new location: Flensburg-Weiche, Ochsenweg 14. This place is well known and very advantageous for the car sales business not only because it is easily accessible by any means of transportation.
    In addition to sales, automotive maintenance and repair should become a second business segment. It was a stroke of good fortune that Axel Jessen, who is an extraordinary expert in the field of automotive engineering, joined the Auto Jessen GbR in 2001. In August 2004 the company opened a car repair shop in Jarplund-Weding, Europastrasse 7 with Axel Jessen as the shop manager and partner of the Auto Jessen GbR.
    Due to the excellent reputation of the car repair shop the number of repair orders grew very fast. So it was possible and even inevitable to provide new jobs. The car mechanic Bjoern Petersen got employed as a team member in the shop in 2004. His daily responsibilities comprise, inspections, maintenance work, overhauls, general repair work, automotive body work, accident repair work, daily 'Haupt-Untersuchung' (similar to the British MOT = Ministry of Transport Test) etc. This remarkable portfolio of services as well as the expertise and the flexibility of the employees are the keys to customer satisfaction, which is the company`s primary objective.
    It didn`t take too long and everybody became aware that in the near future the premises used at that time will not be appropriate for the expanding car repair shop business anymore. As a consequence, the shop moved into a brand new building in Flensburg, Lise-Meitner-Strasse 25 in April 2009 which provides enough space for four workstations with state of the art equipment.
    Since autumn 2009 the mechatronic technician Moritz Grull and the apprentice automotive body worker Soeren Johannsen, who is an experienced car mechanic already, complete the shop team.
    In November 2009 Thies-Hendrik Bork signed his contract with the Auto Jessen GbR and adds to the sales team with his experience and knowledge.
    The Auto Jessen GbR is a member of the 'Verband freier Kraftfahrzeughändler' (Independent Car Dealers Association).
    Hotline: 0461 - 150 50 10 | Monday to Friday: 08:00 - 20:00 h